DJ Laptop Mixer Buzz Hum Noise Eliminator 3.5mm Connectors Ground Loop Isolator

Product code: AVS01 - 5015972172537 - 201.087UK
HEY DJ! "What's with the unwanted background humming when you connect your Laptop into your DJ mixer"?

HEY DJ! "What's with the unwanted background humming when you connect your Laptop into your DJ mixer"?

This noise is generated from the laptop power supply. Prove it by running the laptop to the mixer powered only by the internal battery.

There is a quick solution!

Very simple to install, this bit of kit connects in between your PC/Laptop or sound card output and the input on the mixer using your existing leads.

At last no more annoying background Humming!

Please Note: The ground loop isolator has a 3.5mm Stereo Jack to a 3.5mm Stereo Socket we do also sell other connection combinations & leads see below....

Well designed to connect between two pieces of audio equipment that have a ground loop problem.

Prevents unwanted hum on an audio system

3.5 mm jack plug input to 3.5 mm jack socket output

GAVSHOP CODE: 5015972172537


USE WITH LAPTOPS & OTHER AUDIO DEVICES? Noise Buzz or Humming normally comes from the unfiltered power supply not just Earth Loops! you will find when you unplug it from the mains it disappears! Perfect use for between the source and amplifier to isolate the ground and filter the signal to prevent humming & noise. Most commonly used in vehicles to remove & eliminate engine alternator noise created by earth ground loops in your system. It can also be used with other audio devices to remove buzzing & hum! It is particularly useful with laptops connected to mixer desks or amps.

24ct GOLD PLATED SOLID ALLOY RCA CONNECTORS to ensure optimum signal transfer.

HOW IT WORK? Differences in ground potential of the audio components can create a ground loop. This can oscillate, hence creating an annoying whine or alternator noise coming from the speakers. Lesser quality isolators have limited frequency response, which will degrade the sound quality of the system.

WHAT'S MAKES IT WORK? The 'Ground Loop Isolator's advanced circuitry uses two very high quality audio transformers along with other passive components. This electrically isolates the various components of the audio systems. The isolation circuit will effectively eliminate alternator and engine noise caused by ground loops for the best sound quality possible.
Code AVS01 - 5015972172537 - 201.087UK