Product code: TS800-900
TS-900/800 SERIES INFRARED WIRELESS CONFERENCE SYSTEM. This TOA Wireless conference system providesflexible adaptation to diverse styles of conference. - PRICE ON APPLICATION
Installation made easier than ever thanks to infrared system coupled with clear sound amplification. Wireless conference system provides flexible adaptation to diverse styles of conference.

Quoted price on application. Please Call 01254 674444 with your requirements.


The number of the Chairman and Delegate units can be varied according to fit the
number of participants.
(TS-800 Series: up to 64 units)
(TS-900 Series: up to 96 units)
Up to 16 Transmitter/Receiver units can be installed to create stable communication environment even in a large conference room.
The Central unit can be connected to a recording device, which makes the system
most suitable for preparing conference minutes.
The Speaker Restriction function (1, 2, or 4) prevents confusion resulting from
simultaneous speeches by participants.
The speech system selection (first-in-first-out, last-in-first-out, or last-in-first-out after 2nd unit) enables the system to handle conferences in a wide range of situations. The Chairman unit features a priority speech function. By talking while pressing the priority speech key, the Chairman unit can override Delegate units.
To prevent a howl, the monitor speaker of both Chairman and Delegation units is turned off while the units are in use. The Central unit can be used in combination with wired microphones or output source equipment, depending on the purpose.
The 900 Series features a threefold vote function, which facilitates voting and counting of "Yes," "No," and "Abstention" votes. Both Chairman and Delegate units work either on the rechargeable lithium-ion battery or AC current. With a fully charged battery, the unit operates for about 10 hours. (assuming that the speech time amounts to one-third of the whole length of the conference)
Dedicated microphones for Chairman and Delegate units are available in two types: "standard" (primarily for use in a sitting position) and "long" (primarily for use in a standing position).
Code TS800-900
Weight 45kg